Economic Empowerment

With particular focus on the youths, we aim to reduce youth unemployment and its associated vices, while improving access to financial welfare packages. This is achieved through:

  • •The provision of economic tools in agriculture and other community-appropriate sectors, as well as purposefully developed training programmes.

  • •Establishment of partnerships for the promotion of locally sourced/made products and services.

  • •Periodic Trade and Technology Competitions to stimulate the adoption of ICT orientation in local entrepreneurship.

  • •Entrepreneurship summits and mentorship programmes

Access to Quality Healthcare

With a special focus on women and children, we aim to reduce preventable ailments and sickness-induced deaths. We believe that a healthy people are a prosperous people; we therefore intervene through preventive and curative healthcare systems, including healthy nutrition as an alternative preventive measure. These will be achieved through:

  • •Provision of medical relief materials to offer succour to vulnerable Nigerians.

  • •Provision of medical aid and infrastructure in underserved communities.

  • •Provision of enabling infrastructure to improve access to water and sanitation.

  • •Sensitization workshops and campaigns on appropriate preventive techniques.

  • •Provision of feeding aid and grants to curb malnutrition.

Access to Quality Education

Education is the bedrock of development. We will continuously strive to ensure improved literacy at all levels with a keen focus on the basic level and the girl-child. This will be achieved through:

  • •Provision of hard educational infrastructure to improve the learning experience and outcomes.

  • •Establishment of scholarship scheme and awards of recognition for outstanding teaching/student performance.

  • •Strategic partnerships to foster inclusion of the girl child and children in special schools in the development agenda.